CO2 driving decarbonization

Deeptech & greentech startup

Cixten is developing a modular thermal machine that recycles waste heat starting from 60°C.

Our technology allows produces electricity or compressed air by using waste heat as its source.

In co-generation mode, part of unconverted residual heat can be recovered in a heat network.

 // ACT for energy efficiency

Industrial thermal effluents represent a colossal waste of energy. Efficiently utilizing this waste energy is a crucial step towards achieving carbon neutrality.


Cixten is fully committed and involved in helping to meet current challenges:

A wide range of applications

// INNOVATE to bring new solutions

Our technology, protected by two patents, is based on the advantageous use of the exceptional thermophysical properties of supercritical CO2 .

The specific cellular structure and design of our machine makes this groundbreaking innovation possible, ensuring very efficient heat transfers with low thermal amplitudes. The useful energy is generated via controlled thermodynamic cycle exploiting the CO2 under pressure in a closed circuit.

// SUCCEED with reliable product

| 2020 |

Idea of the concept by Pierre-Yves Berthélémy

| 2021 |

Filing of patents

Realization of a proof of concept (TRL 5)

Integration into the SEMIA incubator (Quest For Change)

| 2022 |

Creation of Cixten

Winners of the 2022 i-Lab national innovation competition (BPI France)

Projet selected as part of the IBaC call of projects from ADEME

Winners of the "4S Semeur Innovation" competition (Crédit Mutuel)

Prix EDF Pulse Grand Est award in the ecology category

Winners of the "Ré-inventer la planète" competition (Hege Conseils)

| 2023 |

Nomination for the Hello Tomorrow international innovation competition (Deeptech Pioneer label)

Winners of the FILEX Trophy "Energy sobriety" in partnership with the MATERALIA competitiveness cluster

Integration into the EVOLEN'UP start'up accelerator

Functional TRL6 prototype

 // TRUST in a competent team

Energy and synergy are also present in our team!

We bring multiple and complementary high-level skills to the energy transition service:

Robert STONER, Project's Advisor

Robert Stoner is the deputy director for science and technology at the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), and founding director of the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design. He is currently a member of the MIT Energy Council, the Science and Technology Committee of the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Aspen Institute’s US-India Track-II Dialogue, and the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Global Commission to End Energy Poverty on which he serves as secretary.

Stéphane Watts, Project's Advisor

Graduated in 2001 from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse (France), in Mechanical Engineering and Energy.

He held multiple R&D positions within renowned companies in railways (Alstom), naval defense (DCNS) and refrigeration (Danfoss), prior to join the start-up EXOES in 2015 as Head of Engineering, member of the board, in charge of products/technologies developments, in particular of volumetric machines.

Building on 22 years experience in R&D, he runs now his own business as Thermal Management Consultant, he is a recognized expert for scroll technology, supporting EU funded H2020 projects.

 // INTEGRATION in a successful ecosystem

  |      News & Events     |

Integration EVOLEN'UP startup accelerator 

Cixten was selected to integrate the EVOLEN'UP start-up accelerator, with Impulse Partners, in the theme of Circular economy and recycling in the energy industry. It is excellent news to develop our partnerships with major industrial groups in the fields of energy!

Cixten winner of the FILEX Trophy 'Energy sobriety'

We are very happy to share with you our selection as winners of the FILEX "energy sobriety" trophy with the MATERALIA Competitiveness Cluster. Thank you again to everyone who participated in the vote and who supported us!! Come and join us at the awards ceremony organized at the KMØ in Mulhouse on March 16:

Nomination for the hello tomorrow competition

Great news! We’ve been selected as one of @hellotmrc’s Deep Tech Pioneers! Come and meet us at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in March 2023, the cornerstone event dedicated to celebrating and accelerating deep tech innovation.

Presentation at the 5th ECOTECH® Energy meeting 

Cixten pitched at the 5th edition of the “ECOTECH® Energy Meeting” organized by the PEXE on December 6, 2022 which took place at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Cixten is working on its 1st fundraising

Join an impactful future project ans help to meet the challenge of energy transition with us!

Cixten rewarded at the Paddock Innovation Box

The project received the "investors" prize during the evening organized at the Paddock Academy on October 20 on the theme "Energy and Industry".

Winners of the ADEME IBaC call for projects

The project was selected as part of the IBaC PME call for projects "Development of technological bricks and services for the decarbonization of industry" (November 2022).

Prize for the Hege Conseils 2022 competition

Cixten wins the prize in the innovation competition "Re inventer la planète" 2022 edition in Grand-Est. This competition is organized by Hege Conseils and rewards inventors who are committed to the environment.

Cixten wins the EDF Pulse Grand-Est award

In the ecology category, Cixten was awarded for its project in favor of decarbonization and energy efficiency.

Winners of the 2022 i-Lab national innovation competition

Photo taken during the award ceremony. From left to right: Pierre-Yves Berthélémy (CEO of Cixten) and Mr. Bruno Bonnell (Secretary General for Investment in charge of France 2030)

Presentation at the FIRE 2022  forum 20 sept.

Presentation of Cixten at the Industrial Forum for Energy Recovery (FIRE) during the panorama of innovative technologies for the recovery of waste heat.

Cixten winner  of the "4S Semeur d'Innovation"

Organized for Crédit Mutuel, Cixten is the winner of the 2022 edition thanks to its innovation in the service of energy sobriety.

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